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Here  is Week 5.
      April 28 - a video showing MUCH growth and increased activity. They are escaping the whelping box now. In the middle of this clip, a dog barks outside - watch them  
            change from boisterous to cautious. Funny!
    April 28 - a video of their first meal that wasn't mother's milk.

Here is Week 4.
    April 22 - a couple of videos.

Here is Week 3.
   April 10 - 2 week birthday shots.
   April 12 - a clip showing more toddling. 
   April 14 - two more clips: befuddled mom and improved toddlin.' Also a still of a befuddled mom.

Here is Week 2.
   April 9 -  added video clips of the puppies' first steps.
   Aptil 9 - added a nursing photo showing the puppies' growth. Compare to the March 29 photos below.

Week 1:

Puppies were whelped on March 27, 2009. Ash had an easy time of it - her water broke at 11:45 AM, the first puppy came at 1:00 PM, and she was done with the six at 3:45 PM. There were 2 boys and 4 girls, all strong and healthy, weighing between 13 and 17 ounces at birth.

Here are Ash and most of the puppies just after whelping. Red and Blue are the boys; Pink, Purple, Green, and Yellow are the girls.


Here they are (below) on Sunday 3/29, two days old.


Here are some close up photos of the puppies on 3/29:

Red, Pink, Purple, Blue

Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow

And some  individual photos of the puppies. The one that looks like there is no ribbon is yellow girl.



Big Belly

Pink Girl has a full belly.


Yellow Girl


Purple Girl

Green Girl

Green Girl

Red Boy

Red Boy


Blue Boy

Six puppies one day old

All six, two days old

Proud Mom Sunday

Proud Mom, Sunday 3/29 - two days old