Harley ex Ash, Nov. 11-15, 2009

Photos taken Oct. 15

Photos and videos taken Oct. 29 - Nov. 1

Photos and Video taken Nov. 6

Photos and Video taken Nov. 11-15

Photos taken Nov. 23

Photos taken Nov. 28

The puppies are growing rapidly. They are now only nursing once a day, getting most of their food as kibble with goats' milk to make a little gravy. Since their teeth have fully erupted, transition to their diet to go home on (adult kibble) will be easy. It is hard to believe they will leave in three weeks.

The puppies have moved from our bedroom to two locations. One is in the living room (shown) where visitors can sit around the ex-pen and play with them. One is a "corral" in the den, which gives them more space and also provides easy access to the back yard, where we have a small fenced off area of yard and deck (about 1000 square feet each) for them.

Here are some videos
we took a week or so ago, plus some stills that Fred Bowen took on Nov. 14.

This shows the first meal of gruel. Not nearly as cool as mom's milk, but we'll give it a try.

The Bowens and the Browns visited on Nov. 14 to play with the puppies.

Here the puppies have "escaped" the whelping box and are running free in our bedroom. Ziggy the pug is not amused. Yes, it is the same pug that is in my avatar. He still is non-plused by puppies.

Some of Fred Bowen's  terrific stills:

Purple Girl is happy, and Mom and Orange girl are happy to see each other.

              Purple girl              Orange girl

Mom is starting to wonder whether this nursing business is getting out of hand. Pink girl is, however, entranced.

   Nursing    Orange

Purple and Pink, Pink and Purple.

a pair     another pair

Three (I think Purple, Red Boy, Green left to right), then Green Girl with her mouth open.

three    Green