Harley ex Ash, October 29 - November 1, 2009

The puppies have now opened their eyes and are crawling around enthusiastically. Sometimes, anyway. Mostly at this age they sleep,  but you will see in the videos that they come to the lunch wagon eagerly when mom comes in.

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Photos taken Oct. 15

Photos and videos taken Oct. 29 - Nov. 1

Photos and Video taken Nov. 6

Photos and Video taken Nov. 11-15

Photos taken Nov. 23

Photos taken Nov. 28


2399   2411

                                   All asleep. Just wait!                                                              Pink girl with a BIG CUTE YAWN

2412   2417

                                   Pink Girl again                                                                                    Purple Girl says, "Hi there!"

2418   2424

                                           Green Girl                                                                                               All Five

2436   2447

                                   Green Girl Again                                                                Orange Girl says, "Happy Halloween."


Red Boy says, "Happy Halloween too! Now can I go back to sleep?"

Here are some YouTube videos.

(Red Boy homes in on mom's belly)

(Green Girl is full, but everybody else eats.)

(Red Boy finds the best seat at the lunch counter)